Proz Virtual Conference for International Translation Day

This year's conference in honour of St Jerome, the patron Saint of translators, again offered an interesting mix of webinars, presentations and discussion groups. 

It was particularly good to learn more about the new translation tool TM-town (even if it was just to find out that it's not the right tool for me) and to share with other first-time and aspiring literary translators.


New photo

At the recent ITI Conference in Newcastle I took advantage of the pop-up photo booth to have my professional photo taken. Here is the result. Thanks to Jules Selmes for his splendid work.


Treasurer for ITI German Network

I have now taken on the role of treasurer for the German Network of the Institute of Translation and Interpreting. Thank you to Herbert Eppel for his work in the past.

GerNet, as it is known for short, is a network for translators and interpreters working from and into German. It serves as a platform for members to discuss terminology, share experiences and advice and any language relevant news. The Network also organises regular workshops and events and it publishes a quarterly journal, the Netzblatt. 

It is a fantastic group and I am looking forward to the new challenge and to being able to give something back to the community.


10 years in England

This month it is 10 years since I first came to live in England.

10 years is a long time - and yet they seem to have gone by quite quickly. Originally, I had planned to stay for 2, maybe 3 years, but I am still here and there are still no immediate plans to move somewhere else.

I do feel very much at home in England, so much so in fact, I sometiomes seem to act more English than the English! I've recently even had a chip butty, which, when I first saw someone eat back in 2004, made my jaw drop in disbelief! There is now, of course, a lot more continental food stuff available here then there was 10 years ago - much to my delight.

However, having lived abroad for this long, I have become aware of how easy it is to forget your own mother tongue. I am sometimes struggling for words which I have supposedly known from earliest childhood and at times I even find it easier to think of something in English rather than German. With ever-increasing globalisation, the new social-media phenomenon and the recent economic downturn, there are also lot of new terms (e.g. Globalität, soziale Medien, Finanzkrise) that have cropped up in German over the past ten years. So, I know how important it is to read and watch Austrian news, to listen to programmes in German and to converse with other German speakers in oder not to lose my "Muttersprache". After all, I do not want to end up talking like Arnold Schwarzenegger!

Yet, even after 10 years, I am still "the Austrian". At the same time, when I visit my old home country, I am now "die Engländerin". So, I am always "in between", a sort of no mans land, which all of us who have left their native country for long enough will come to inhabit - not such a bad place to be for a translator, of course!


Recent projects

I have added a new page to my website - Recent projects - keeping you up-to-date with what I have been working on recently.

If your translation or proofreading request is similar to one on the list, you know it's in safe hands with me!