The secret life of pronouns

Today, the postman brought a book I had ordered after reading an excerpt of it in the New Scientist: The Secret Life of Pronouns - What Our Words Say About Us by James W. Pennebaker. Pennebaker analyses how the small and seemingly meaningless words in everyday speech and writing, such as I, you, the, one, can actually reveal quite a lot about the person who is using them. As I am myself very much interested in the psychology of words, I was instantly drawn to his findings and I am looking forward to finding out more about it all.

The dedication, by the way, is quite wonderful and you can read more about it in my blog.


NRPSI listing

Due to the current uncertainties as to the future of the National Register and ongoing changes in the procurement of Public Service Interpreters, I have reluctantly decided to let my listing lapse.

I shall closely follow further developments and hope a satisfactory solutions for all involved is found.





In the New Scientist, issue 2809, we learn about a new language learning module due to go online later this year. 

The project is called Duolingo - - and wants to get users to translate website content, while at the same time teaching them the language these websites are written in.

The article goes on to say, that "...users will take lessons in which they translate phrases and sentences pulled from the web in the language they want to learn. Combined with automated translation software the developers hope to provide a  flawless translation tool for the web.

An interesting concept, but will/can it work? 

Watch this space!


New certificate

I have felt for a while that it would be a shame to let my Italian go and so last September I started attending an advanced Italian course on Monday evenings to get back into the swing. It has been good to be using the language I learnt all those years ago again on a regular basis and I was quite pleased at how much I still remembered.

Unfortunately last Monday was the last class and "Circle Advanced" is the highest level (Level 7) the college runs. 

Ideally I would like to be able to add Italian as an additional language to my translation portfolio, but there is still some more work needed before I get there. Back to Uni?

Anyway, I received a nice certificate in the post today - so here it is:



EU Thesuarus

While staying in Tyrol (24 February to 6 March), I came across this useful website in a local newspaper, the Tiroler Wirtschaft:

EuroVoc is a multilingual and multidisciplinary thesaurus that covers the activities of the EU and the European Parliament in particular, containing terms in 22 EU languages plus Serbian and Croatian.

You can find the relevant (short) article here.

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