Even the finest translator/writer may make mistakes and therefore it is vital to employ a second set of eyes to ensure your document gets the best possible finish.

With my eagle eyes* I will spot any incorrections, omissions or inconsistencies and I will amend them as applicable.

Proofreading, revision and editing are sometimes used interchangeably and I will discuss your exact requirements beforehand. For easy reference I shall define them as follows:


I will check your document for spelling and punctuation, sentence structure and verb tenses and correct them where necessary.


In addition to proofreading I will compare the translated document with its original and ensure the original meaning has been preserved and no omissions have been made.


In addition to proofreading (or revision) I will adapt the style and wording to match the intended readership or house style or contract/expand the text to fit a preset wordcount


 *The eagle is also the symbol of my native Tyrol.