Rates for Translation

General correspondence, catalogues, brochures, questionnaires: £75 per 1000 words

General legal and business documents,certificates, manuals, instructions: £85 per 1000 words

Contracts and agreements, marketing and PR: £95 per 1000 words

Where appropriate (PDFs, scanned or handwritten documents), a charge of £30 per page may be applied instead.

Minimum fee: £30


Rates for proofreading/revision/editing:

Proofreading/Revision bilingual: £35 per 1000 words

Editing: £45 per 1000 words

Monolingual proofreading: £8 per 1000 words.

An hourly fee of £25/hour may be charged instead.

Minimum fee: £30


All rates are given as a guideline only. Additional charges may apply to same day/over-night delivery, additional formatting and style requirements or the translation of slogans. Equally, discounts may be given for high volume.

An exact quote can only be given after viewing of the document(s) in question.