Translation is the transfer of the written word from one language to another; in my case from English to German and from German to English.

A translator will carefully consider the linguistic, cultural and stylistic conventions of both the source and target texts as well as keeping in mind the target audience and purpose of the translated text. In order to make sure that the message you want to get across, does get across, I will discuss these particulars and any special requirements you may have in advance.

I am widely experienced in the translation of  business correspondence, brochures, manuals, contracts, agreements, travel guides, questionnaires and reviews. 

My specialisations are general law, business, marketing, tourism, travel, sports and recreation. I am also knowledgeable in gastronomy and religious studies.


Translation is more than just translating word for word. It is important to be aware of the "little differences", the cultural references, idiomatic expressions and connotations and to accurately transform them so that they remain meaningful in the other language. A finished translation should be both a precise representation of the original content, and an accessible, understandable and enjoyable document in the target language.